Every Monday in July, the artistic start to PopCult’s week will be a new version of one of the 600 or so pieces of digital art that I’ve created for this blog over the last dozen years. What happened was that I found a stash of old images, and decided to revisit them, adding minor or major twists along the way.

Today we’re going back to 2005 for a reboot of another one of the earliest pieces of my art that was posted here in PopCult. A Starry Night Over The Southside Bridge was an attempt to mimic Van Gogh while depicting a scene of Charleston’s famed gateway to the rich folk, the Southside Bridge.

I decided to take another shot at it, painting over the original digitally while using higher-quality brushes and hoping that the dozen or so years’ experience I have working with these tools made for a better work. To be honest, I’m still not happy with it. Click to see a bigger version that makes all the flaws more glaringly obvious.