We kick off this week with a pause in our 2016 PopCult Gift Guide to bring you a digital painting based on a photo taken inside the still-standing husk of a semi-destroyed building in Grantville, Georgia. The remaining walls of this building were seen in the “Clear” episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead a few years back, and the actual location is just a block away from Morgan’s apartment, as seen in the show.

img_8740The outside of this husk of a building still bears the grafitti left by Morgan, “Away With You,” as seen to the left. What’s cool is that these post-apocalyptic locations are actually nestled on a quiet street in a lazy little Southern town.

The photos that this painting was based on were taken on Thanksgiving Day, which may explain why it was so quiet. Your PopCulteer and his wife were very thankful that we are free to wander around Georgia on a holiday looking for shooting locations for The Walking Dead. Click the above image to enlarge.