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Monday Morning Art: Warming Up

We’re starting off this week with a look back at last week’s well-received episode 27 of Radio Free Charleston.  Specifically, we’re looking at musical guest Stephanie Deskins.  While we were waiting in the hallway outside of LiveMix Studio before the recording session for Steph’s song, she sat on the “reception area couch” and warmed up on guitar.  I snapped a quick photo, and based a digital painting on it, which you see above.  Scroll down the PopCult page for more on Stephanie, and check out the show for more great music by Doctor Senator and Comparsa, plus a cartoon by Stephen Beckner. 

Just like every week, you can click the image to see a larger version.  And you can also buy this image on shirts, posters, buttons, and other stuff in the newly revamped Monday Morning Art Store.  You can also follow these links to see my efforts in the PopCult store and the Radio Free Charleston store.   


  1. Chris Tic

    That’s a pretty picture. I’m going to go check out the show to see what all the fuss is about.

  2. Elvis Capone

    You has a crayon.

  3. Kim Williams

    WOW! Stephanie I knew you had it in you. Now take it and run with it hun. I love that song.


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