Today’s artisitic kickstart to your week is a blown-up detail from the music video for “Green” by HarraH, which can be seen on episode 182 od Radio Free Charleston, coming later today. We’re featuring HarraH, fronted by RFC production assistant, Lee Harrah, because this Friday they are headlining the SHOW OF THE YEAR at The Blue Parrot!

Not only is it St. Patrick’s Day…Not only is it HarraH’s third anniversary show… This show features three recent RFC favorites, HarraH, Trielement, and The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque!

RFC 182 also features new music from Deni Bonet and the RFC debut of Beggar’s Clan, plus other cool stuff. Production notes will be up by morning. Check PopCult for that post. Check the flyer below (withartwork by Lee) for more info on the HarraH show, and click the image above to see it larger.