This week’s art is a hilariously tiny pastel crayon study that I cranked out a few weeks ago, and may turn into a more detailed painting at some point.

Essentially, I was trying different ways to do a city scene where it looked like it had just rained. This one came out best. These were done with pastel crayon on the back of large index cards.

While I’m employing some of the lessons I’ve learned from imitating Hopper here, I also tried to capture some of the elements of light and reflection that he didn’t focus on too much.

Basically, I wanted to try to do a street scene right after it rained. This was not based on any photo reference, but it was at least subliminally inspired by sights I saw walking around Chicago last summer after the tornados passed through.

I may run a small study based on a photo from that experience next week.

To see this one bigger try clicking HERE.

Over in radioland, all this week on The AIR, we bring you marathons of our music specialty programs. This is  a great way to give new readers and listeners a chance to sample our shows, and also give our staff a week off from having to produce anything new.

The marathons will begin at 7 AM and run for 24 hours. If you miss anything, don’t worry. We’ve found ways to keep these shows in rotation.

Today we showcase Herman Linte, and his progressive rock program, Prognosis.  Herman is a prominent UK voice talent and producer who has graciously agreed to provide us with a regularly-scheduled two-hour blast of the best progressie rock of the last fifty-plus years.

Of course, he does this under an assumed name so that he doesn’t violate any of his exclusivity contracts. Herman and his colleagues at Haversham Recording Institute have been doing shows for The AIR since 2016, and we are pleased to have them on board, especially since they do them for free.

Check PopCult every day this week to see what show we’ll feature as our daily marathon while your humble blogger crawls off to recover from The 2023 PopCult Gift Guide.