Last week I brought you a painting that I’m really happy with. This week, not so much.

Technically, I was pleased with the recreation of a photo I took on the streets of Chicago in acrylic on cheap canvas board, but I wasn’t thrilled with the composition. I also thought my work on it was a little mechanical and didn’t really add much to the photo.

I sat it aside in the reject pile for a few weeks. Last week I picked it up and looked at it again, and decided to paint in one new detail, which I found mildly amusing, so now you get to see it. This one can be considered as a study for a larger painting that I’ll never bother doing. But it’s worth a chuckle, maybe.

To see it bigger try clicking HERE.

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Also, for those of you who have read down this far, today is the 18th anniversary of PopCult. We started at The Charleston Gazette, as part of the Gazzblogs, and a few years ago we left the Gazette-Mail for a more stable platform. It’s been a wild trip and I thank you all for reading us for all those years. I’m not making a big deal out of this anniversary because we intend to keep going for quite some time.