Wrapping up September’s art, which was all inspired by your PopCulteer’s early-in-the-month surgical strike visit to New York City, we have a digital painting of the glorious sight that befell my eyes once I wandered out of the 161st Street Station, The House that Ruth Built (sort of), Yankee Stadium.

I wrote about my visit to this holy ground HERE. For this painting, I used some photographic reference, but the photos didn’t make it seem big enough, so I improvised a bit. I went hyper-realistic again with this one, after starting the month with two works of abstract Impressionism. I try not to overthink these artistic decisions, and just go with what I think works best for the subject.

You can see this in a bigger version by clicking on it.

Meanwhile, today on The AIR, you can catch the first day of BONUS ROUND WEEK, where we bring you different marathons, spotlighting our musical programming, which normally occupies the afternoon timeslots.

Monday we find ourselves in the midst of a 36-hour marathon of The Swing Shift, bringing you the best Swing Music from the last century. Tune in at The AIR Website, or on this neat little embedded player…

Check back each day this week for notes on what you can hear that day.