Sunny Day In The Park

This week you have a couple of chances to actually purchase my artwork in the real world. Last Friday I told you all about the creation of the piece I did this year for the East End Main Street Public Art Initiative. That’s the finished product up at the top of this post. It’s my tribute to Heinz Edelmann with a touch of Georges Seurat tossed in. You can read all about it HERE, and you can bid on it Wednesday Evening at the FestivALL Streetworks Art Auction. Details are HERE. If you choose to pre-register, I’d rather you don’t enter my name in the artist code box. I don’t wish to participate in that.

Below you see three pieces that you can see again Thursday at Apartment Earth as part of the “Pop Goes The Weasel” exhibit. This really cool exhibit, curated by Nik Botkin, is an invitational art show with the theme of pop culture from the last several decades spanning from cartoons to movies to music and everything in between. Featured artists will include not only local talent, but also creatives from as far away as New Jersey, Chicago and more. I was honored to be asked to be part of this show. 

My fellow artists include Adam Carlson, Jason Queen, Matthew Hays, Stuart Mohr, Elizabeth Turner, Rob Cleland, Mark Wolfe, Nik Botkin, Jason Kiley, Dre McCleod, RK Arceneaux, Dale Morton, Frank Browning, Shea Black, Blake Wheeler, Drew O’Neill, Chase Henderson, David Stephenson, Ian Bode, Jeff Pierson, Anthony Young, Bo Ballard, Josh Martin, Preston Shomo, Washboard Dave, Bri Allen, Jake Fertig, Christopher Vincent, casshole, Todd Frazer, Eric Pardue and Scott McMillian.

The pieces you see below include another tribute to Heinz Edelmann (the designer of “Yellow Submarine,” in case I hadn’t mentioned it in the blog a bunch already), a Warholesque tryptich of “The Trax,” a piece inspired by a song by Three Bodies, and “Kitty Wigged,” a portrait of our own local Pop Art Star, Kitty Killton, wearing a blonde wig.

weird sky 0007

tryptich 002

kitty 001009