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Monday Morning (Guest) Art: Karen Allen’s “Fixtures”

We’ve got a first this week. It’s our first guest Monday Morning Artist, a friend of Radio Free Charleston, Karen Allen. Karen, of course, is better known as one of the area’s finest singer/songwriters, with an amazing body of work. Currently half of Tofujitsu, with Sean Richardson, Karen also lists a stint with Whistlepunk and a long run with Crazy Jane among her musical accomplishments. 

A less well-known fact is that Karen is also a visual artist of no small talent. When she heard of the hellish schedule I have this month (29 straight days of 12-hour shifts caring for an elderly uncle while also producing RFC on a weekly basis), Karen offered to come to my rescue and step into the Monday Morning Art shoes for a week.  Above, you see Karen’s digital photo collage, “Fixtures: Dawn.”  On the other side of the jump, you can see the sister piece, “Fixtures:Dusk.”


Many thanks to Karen for the loan of her artwork this week. It’s sort of fitting that our first fill-in Monday Morning Artist was Karen. Two of the last three installments of MMA were created at a Tofujitsu show, and Karen has been the subject of our humble artistry at least twice–once in 2007 and again just a few months ago.  Oh, and click the images to see them larger.


  1. Sharon

    Coolness!! I love the songbird….

  2. Deb

    Tweet, Tweet on the street light. Liken it!
    Straight from the Hat

  3. Sean


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