Storm-induced power outages last week caused me to slip behind on Radio Free Charleston, 25th episode.  So, instead of spending time this weekend crafting brand-spanking-new Monday Morning Art, I had to play catch up so that we can bring you the new RFC tomorrow.  In lieu of art, then, you get a series of stills from the new Radio Free Charleston.  Enjoy.

The top photo is a still from the ultra-special top-secret movie trailer that we feature on the new show.  Since it’s still under wraps until the show debuts, I can’t say anything else about it. The studio would sue me into oblivion.

Below that are two shots from Joe Slack’s performance of his song, “Picture Perfect.”  It starts out in black and white and then the color slowly fades in.  It’s arty as heck, really. Joe is our first second-generation musical guest.  His dad, Tony, appeared on several episodes of RFC as a member of The No Pants Players.

Next you’ll find two shots from my brother Frank’s scrap-pile.  These are animation tests for his long-in-production mostly-CGI movie, “Reperkussionz.” These may not even wind up in the finished film.  Just lookit his rejects.  You gotta admire his high standards.

A still of The Amazing Delores is below those.  Even though she’s no longer with us, you will feel the power of the “Love Magic” in the next RFC.  Thanks go out to Danny Boyd and Michael Lipton for making this video available for RFC.

Finally, on the bottom, we have some tubby guy trying to look cool in a parking building.

Internet gremlins are still playing games with our Cafepress stores, so don’t expect to be able to buy this image on a T shirt. You can click the image to enlarge, if you so wish.