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More ArtWalk Photos Than Ever Before!

At The Chet Lowther Gallery

The PopCulteer
July 16, 2010

A bit of a low-key ArtWalk took place in Charleston last night. Art fatigue from FestivAll combined with competition from Bridgefest subdued attendance a bit, but there were still plenty of folks out enjoying the art in the various galleries in the downtown area.

The PopCulteer took a prolonged mosey around town, and here is our biggest ArtWalk photo essay ever. Standouts this month included the Charleston debut of Amelia Schroeder at The Purple Moon, Tom Wills striking black and white photography at The Art Emporium and an impromptu art show, put together at the last minute, at The Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery.

There were also many great new pieces by top artists all over town, and yours truly made his first visit to Chet Lowthar’s gallery, and was duly impressed.

If you couldn’t make it to ArtWalk, let your eyes do the walking right here, after the jump. 

Art was everywhere Thursday night in Charleston.

At The Chet Lowther Gallery

Stray Dog Antiques

Not to be confused with the Porkchop Bikini from RFC 101

Crystal Tooth

Mission Savvy clothes at Crystal Tooth Gallery

The Purple Moon

Tofujitsu performing

Amelia Schroeder with her terrific artwork. See the next five images for more of her work.

Art Emporium

The featured artist this month is photographer, Tom Wills.

Clayton Spangler's work is also on display.

Iron Monkey must be photographed.

Good News Mountaineer Garage Gallery

A great show featuring Kerry Bingham, Kim Bingham, Stephen McKitrick, Bo Ballard and Staci Leech

Visions Day Spa

ArtWalk On The Street

Reflections of The PopCulteer while shooting ArtGawk stuff.

Street Art #1: This Is An Ex-lampost!

Street Art #2: Robot Port-A-Potty

No seriusly, it's the new, smaller version of The Vault.

Shawn Romano & Associates

New Work by Jennie Hill.

Arthur Evans Southside Bridge

Work by Erica Bisbocci

Taylor Book’s Annex Gallery

That’s our ArtWalk coverage this month. Check back later Friday for Weekend events, and come back Saturday for our Cool comic Of The Week.

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  1. bbg

    Very lovely art. Thanks so much for the pics.

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