You may remember me writing about David Smith’s movie, “Ladybeard,” in which I have a small role, here in PopCult. This cute, funny romantic comedy will be screened for free Thursday evening at 5:30 PM in the JD Waggoner Reading Room, nestled inside the Library Commission Capitol Complex at the Culture Center. Admission is free and the film’s director, David Smith will be on hand selling DVDs of the movie and answering any questions you may have.

The description of “Ladybeard” from the PR: “Andy would do anything to help his best friend Michelle, which is why he’s put his dreams of stand-up comedy stardom on hold to stick around his college town and help her hide her sexuality from her family. Michelle is afraid to tell her family she is a lesbian, so she and Andy pretend that they are in a relationship to throw them off. When Michelle’s girlfriend Hayden proposes to her, she decides it’s time to finally come out of the closet. Andy knows he should be happy, but he begins to worry that their friendship will be over once Michelle and Hayden get married. Aided by a traveling performance artist named Amy, Andy sets out to do anything he can to save his role as Michelle’s beard.”

It’s a great film, and I’m proud that I was part of it. You shouldn’t pass up this chance to catch it for free.I know it’s the same time as ArtWalk, but this screening is indoors and air-conditioned, which might just come in handy, given the weather this week.