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10321194_10204079092240585_8520450079891709995_oIt’s full disclosure time here in PopCult. I have been friends with Danny Boyd for thirty years (man it feels weird to write that). I’ve always covered his activities here in this blog, and I’m not done yet. I even wrote about his wrestling endeavors back when this blog was merely a month old. Aside from being a teacher and guide, my friend is a creative guru who’s tried his hand at making movies, wrestling, bull-riding, journalism and creating graphic novels.

Danny is a treasured resource in this state. As such, it’s surprising that he hasn’t been blown-up, leveled and sucked dry by coal barons.

Which brings us to his next big project. “Carbon” is a graphic novel that Danny has been working on for many years. It tells the story of an evil coal operator (who may bear a bit of a purely coincidental resemblance to a certain universally-despised former coal official who likes to make documentaries about himself that say he didn’t kill all those miners on purpose). This coal operator has tapped into a sacred carbon, actually the banished and cursed remnants of an ancient fallen civilization, and his actions are likely to doom the world.

After what happened with our water last January, you may need to keep reminding yourself that this is not a documentary.

Boyd has created this graphic novel with artist Edi Guedes and next week, you will be able to purchase this book from Danny at two book signings, two full months before it’s available in the rest of the country.

Also next week, for one week only, I will trade days for “The PopCult Bookshelf” and “The PopCult Toybox.” The Bookshelf will be posted Tuesday, and will feature my full review of “Carbon.”

Wednesday, you will be able to purchase “Carbon” at Lost Legion Games and Comics in South Charleston, as Danny holds a book signing from 6 PM to 9 PM. Saturday Boyd will be at Taylor Books in Charleston from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Danny will also be making more appearances around the state and in town during FestivAll. I’ll keep you posted as those dates approach. Until then, remember to check out a special PopCult Bookshelf review of “Carbon” next Tuesday, and pick up your own copy Wednesday or Saturday.

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  1. DuffKat

    I want this! How can i get one down here in Florida? Signed by the author would be nice also . . .

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