july3logoI know I posted the schedule for The AIR yesterday, but when I did that, I had not yet recorded this week’s new hour of great local music on Radio Free Charleston. You can hear Radio Free Charleston Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM exclusively on The AIR at the website or on this sweet embedded radio thingamajig…

This week’s show features brand-new music from Byzantine, Bobaflex, 4OHM MONO and Scarlet Revolt, plus a healthy dip into the massive RFC archives. Check out the playlist:


Byzantine  “The Cicada Tree”
Bobaflex  “Real Sadness”
4OHM MONO  “Crisis Actor”
Scarlet Revolt  “Breathe”
Hawthorne Heights  “New Winter”
Red Audio  “Plasticland”
Speedsuit  “Roller Coaster of Booze”
The Science Fair Explosion  “Before It Ends”
Justin Johnson  “Goldtown Motel”
Feast of Stephen  “Mighty Gomec”
Time And Distance  “Hell To Pay”
Ouralias  “Daydream”
The Renfields  “Machete A Go Go”

Following the morning debut of RFC, stick around for three more hours of the best local Charleston music you’ll find, brought to you by the only station committed to supporting the local scene this much. After the 10 PM run of RFC, it’s time for Radio Free Charleston International, where you’ll get to hear the best music from around the world. And if you miss it Tuesday, Radio Free Charleston can be heard again Thursday at 2 PM, Friday at 7 PM and Saturday at 10 AM and Midnight.