PC 9 23 airThe AIR is brimming with holiday spirit all week this week, but today we also have new episodes of On The Road with Mel and Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum. You can tune in at the Website or on this happy little embedded player…

At 1PM you can hear a brand-new On The Road with Mel as Mel Larch is joined by yours truly to discuss our recent trips to Georgia and Chicago, and we also give you a recap of the On The Road Gift Guide.

At 1:30 PM (with a replay at 7 PM) you can hear part three of Michelle Zirkle Marcum’s appearance on Coast to Coast with George Noury in this week’s Life Speaks.

The rest of the day is just plastered with holiday music and comedy and other cool stuff, so listen in to The AIR and get enlightened, or amused, or something.