NEW AIR LOGO 0085We have another great line-up of talk programming once again today on The AIR. An all-new episodes of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum, see’s Michele follow-up on a thread from last week’s interview with Chad Lindberg as she discusses the feeling that life is just a dream with her mother, Edie Nettle. Life Speaks continues to explore the everyday aspects of the paranormal, each week at 1:30 PM.

Also today, you can expect new-to-The-AIR editions of Lynn Browder’s Autism Discussion, The Real with Mark Wolfe and The Goon Show. We are also re-presenting, by popular demand, the On The Road with Mel about planning an out of town trip for Thrnaksigiving and later tonight you can hear the latest episode of The Gibby Hunters.

PC 9 23 airCurtain Call and The Swing Shift are in rerun mode because your PopCulteer was out-of-town for the first part of this week on Myasthenia Gravis business. They will return next week as part of a slightly-new  revamped schedule. Look for details this Friday.

In the meantime, Wednesday is loaded with great talk, comedy and music. Listen at the website or on this sweet little radio widget…

Here’s the full line-up of all of today’s great programming on The AIR:

11 AM  The Lynn Browder Show About Autism NEW
Noon Curtain Call with Mel Larch Episode 011
1 PM On The Road With Mel Thanskgiving Travel
1:30 PM Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum NEW
2 PM The Real with Mark Wolfe with Chase Henderson NEW
3 PM Curtain Call with Mel Larch Episode 009
4 PM The Swing Shift Episode 001
6 PM The Goon Show NEW (now one full hour!)
7 PM The Best of Word Association with Lee and Rudy
8 PM Booster Pack
9 PM The RFC Interview with Mark Wolfe
10 PM The Gibby Hunters NEW!
11 PM The Comedy Vault Monty Python  NEW