9-25-sched-airEven though we still have BRAND-NEW episodes of all of our afternoon music programs, we’re bringing you Monday and Tuesday’s schedule together this week so that you can stand back in awe and soak in our line up of fine programming on our internet radio station, The AIR. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

We have our usual excellent line up of shows on Monday, headlined by a brand-new editions of Harrah’s Hard & Heavy at 2 PM and the triumphant return of Herman Linte on Prognosis at 3 PM. Then after that we expect a new episode of Marking Out with Betty Rock and Matt BelVillain discussing professional wrestling. Marking Out can be heard at 5 PM Monday, with replays Wednesday and Sunday.

Monday Harrah’s Hard & Heavy brings you a second consecuitve week of live Iron Maiden, while Prognosis presents three entire albums by the obscure, yet excellent, 1970s UK prog group, Gentle Giant.

Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM we offer up a brand new episode of Radio Free Charleston. This week expect new tracks from Bobaflex, The Heavy Editors, The Company Stores, Byzantine and more, plus classic local tracks from our massive RFC Archives.

The morning airing is followed by three more hours of fantastic local music as we bring you three recent episodes of Radio Free Charleston. The night-time airing is followed by last week’s brand-new Radio Free Charleston International.

Tuesday at 2 PM Dexter Checkers checks in from London with a special episode of Ska Madness devoted to the founding fathers of Two-Tone Ska, The Specials.

At 3 PM your PopCulteer hosts The Swing Shift. This new episode will bring you classic examples of Big Band Swing, mixed with Swing Revival music from the 1990s and brand-new Swing tunes from Louis Prima Jr., Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Lady J and her Bada Bing Band and more.

Check out the neato-keen schedule graphic for The AIR which I will throw together as soon as I finish writing this bit of copy.