10 17 air logoBWe are tinkering with the schedule a bit this week on The AIR. And if you didn’t know, The AIR is an internet radio station which is closely associated with this here blog. You can listen to The AIR at the website or on this embedded virtual radio thingy…

Let me tell you about the new stuff you can listen to Monday. As always, the day will kick off at 7 AM with a replay of the previous Friday’s episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. Our 3 PM specialty music shows will always eoncore the following weekday at 7 AM.

From 9 AM to Noon, tune in for the best of local music as we bring you three encore episodes of Radio Free Charleston. At Noon, you can hear a replay of the previous week’s Laugh Appalachia, with Lee, Tiff, and Jay, followed by a replay of the previous week’s On The Road With Mel. At 1 PM, check out a full hour of Life Speaks with Michele Zirkle Marcum. At 2 PM, it’s the Independent Music Showcase on The AIR.

3 PM will see two hours of progressive rock with Prognosis, hosted by Herman Linte. This will be followed at 5 PM by Harrah’s Hard and Heavy, wherein Lee Harrah brings you an hour of hard and heavy music in a new, earlier time slot. At 6 PM, The Mystery Hour will surprise you every time.

At 7 PM we will continue to bring you the best of That Conversation with Patrick Felton and at 9 PM, we’ll bring you The Best of The Real With Mark Wolfe.As a special egomaniacal treat, both of those shows tonight feature interviews with yours truly. You can hear me blather on for three hours straight!

10 PM sees the return of Six Degrees of Separation, an interview show hosted by Tim Dorsey and Jason “Roadblock” Robinson and recorded at The Empty Glass.Tonight’s show is an interview with Mr. Lee Harrah, host of Harrah’s Hard & Heavy and my co-host on Word Association with Lee and Rudy.

At Midnight almost every night, The All-Nighter will present seven hours of unpredictable underground radio.You will heare a mix of encores of our other programming, along with special spoken-word and comedy programs and other surprises that you’ll just have to tune in to experience. The plan is to thrill and delight the insomniacs among our listeners. Check back every day this week for the revised programming line ups for The AIR.