Tuesday The AIR brings you the first new episode of Radio Free Charleston in a few weeks, as your PopCulteer has been somewhat beset by allergies and colds. You can hear it at The website or on this cool little embedded player…

At 10 AM and and 10 PM you can catch this new hour that mixes classic tracks from the RFC archives with brand-new music from Sheldon Vance, Farnsworth and John Radcliff. It’s the Radio Free Charleston experience you’ve come to know and love.

We’re still getting back on track at The AIR, and hope to have all-new episodes of our most popular shows next week. We will be seeing a change as Herman Linte has simply become to busy to devote any time to presenting Prognosis (which you can hear Monday at 3 PM). Starting next week, yours truly will take over hosting our progressive rock showcase for at least the next two months, although final production will still be handled by the fine folks at Haversham Recording Institute.

We’re easing back into things this week with new episodes of RFC and RFC International, and of course we’ll bring you a fresh edition of Life Speaks to Michele Zirkle on Wednesday, and Jay and Jarod will offer up a new edition of The Third Shift on Friday.

Meanwhile, check out this playlist for the latest Radio Free Charleston


Sheldon Vance “Play On”
Farnsworth “American Dream”
Byzantine “Purity”
Burt Reynolds Death Metal Experiment “Finding Emo”
Science of the Mind “Taste My Fist”
The Renfields “Mars Attacks”
Under The Radar “Mothman Prophecy #1”
Radio Cult “Man Made Monster”
Linnfinity “Martian’s Bloom”
Hawthorne Heights “Hope”
Stone Ka-Tet “Here It Comes Again”
Stark Raven “It Never Goes Away”
Wolfgang Parker “Blood Red Water”
Pepper Fandango “Make-out Bandit”
John Radcliff “Company Song”