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Opening Track: Superfetch “White Horse”

Superfetch is a brand-new entity, an avant-electronic band made up of local music greats who, for the moment, will remain anonymous. However, the band includes some of my oldest friends. They’ve never made music like this before. We’re thrilled to open This week’s Radio Free Charleston podcast with this group.

Our theme in this week’s second hour is Shepardstown’s own World Without Fear. This was a fantastic band that staked out their sonic territory somewhere between U2 and REM. We will bring you their entire self-titled debut album from 1989, plus we’ll fill out the hour with a recent live track from the band’s frontman, Scooter Scudieri.

Due to ongoing software upgrades at Voices of Appalachia, this show will premiere as a podcast. You can listen to it right here HERE, or download it for later. The technical issues at VOA are taking a lot longer to sort out than expected, but we hope to be back in the swing of things soon. There are big things planned for New Appalachian Radio once everything is squared away.

NAR log 002You can click over to Radio Free Charleston’s  fun and exciting streaming radio incarnation in the  archives for previously-aired shows.  Until we get the stream up and running, new episodes of the show will be posted there as well.

Our first hour is packed with tons of new music from some of Charleston’s hottest bands. The full show’s playlist is below the jump…

Hour One Playlist

Superfetch “White Horse”



Bongwater “Mystery Hole”
The Tom McGees “Country Roads”
Weedhaven Laughing Academy “Glue”
Astromoth “Son of a Vampire”

Astraeus “Wanderlust”
Tofujitsu “Winged Cyclops”
Doctor Curmudgeon
Spencer Elliott “Battle of Wonderland”

Eduardo Canelón y su Comparsa “La Nueva Comparsa”
Stark Raven “Irrational People”
A Story Told “Fall Back”
Crack The Sky “Maybe I Can Fool Everybody”

The Aristocrats “The Kentucky Meat Shower”

Second hour: World Without Fear

An entire album, long out of print, by one of my favorite West Virginia bands from the late 1980s.

World Without Fear

side one:

“Here’s To You (I Love You)”
“What Chance”
“Look Who Fell”
“I Died Today”

side two:

“Prayer For The Strategic Defense Initiative”
“The Last Yesterday”
“If Only”
“The Lorax”
“I’ll Be Here”

We wrap up the show with a recent live track from former WWF frontman, Scooter Scudieri

Scooter Scudieri “Just You And Me”