It’s hard to believe we’re already well into 2023, so I guess we all have to start dressing like Zardoz now.

Despite that, it is cool that we’re three Tuesdays into the new year on The AIR  and that means it’s Radio Free Charleston time, and we’re back with another new three-hour episode of Radio Free Charleston. You simply have to point your cursor over and tune in at the website, or you could just stay here, and  listen to the cool embedded player found elsewhere on this page.

We have three full hours of music, much of it new, local and not, at 10 AM and 10 PM Tuesday.   This week our latest Radio Free Charleston has killer new tunes from Jeremy Short, Sierra Ferrell, The Switch and more, plus we have a nearly hour-long megamix of David Bowie tunes, as a sort of tardy birthday salute.

Check out the playlist below to see all the goodies we have in store. Live links will take you to the artist’s page, but I’m only doing local and indie artists this week, ‘coz it’s a holiday as I write this and I’m lazy…

RFC V5 115

hour one
The Switch “Rock Will Survive”
Sierra Ferrell “In Dreams (fast version)”
Jeremy Short “Falling Into A Trance”
Robert Fripp and Daryl Hall “North Star”
Brandon Costello “She Is A Stone”
Blue Twisted Steel “Tar and Feather”
John Lennon “Starting Over (demo)”
Matt Berry “Blues Inside Me”
Nixon Black “Giving Up Everything But Hope”
The Long Lost Somethins “I Don’t Want To Be An Addict”
Payback’s a Bitch “Liar, Liar”
Pretty Things “Come See Me”
The Green Pajamas “Six Minutes In Heaven”
Iggy Pop “The Regency”

hour two
Byzantine “Sirens”
The Company Stores “Blue Tide”
Renaissance “The Flood At Lyons”
Mike Batt & Friends “The Light On The Edge Of The World”
Stark Raven “Riding A Wave”
Tautologic “Coltrane Supermarket”
Ann Magnuson “I’m A Man”
Joseph Hale “My World”
Simple Minds “Wondertime”
Todd Rundgren with Sparks “Your Fandango”
Hugh Cornwell “Moments of Madness”
Buni Muni “Love Spell”
Todd Burge “I Hope Fred Doesn’t Get Rabies”

hour three
David Bowie Megamix

You can hear this episode of Radio Free Charleston Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM on The AIR, with replays Wednesday at 9 AM,  Thursday at 3 PM, Friday at 9 AM, Saturday at Noon and Midnight,  and  Monday at 11 AM, exclusively on The AIR. Now you can also hear a different episode of RFC every weekday at 5 PM, and we bring you a marathon all night long Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I’m also going to  embed a low-fi, mono version of this show right in this post, right here so you can listen on demand.


After RFC, stick around for encores of  MIRRORBALL at 1 PM and Curtain Call at 2 PM.  At 3 PM we have two recent episodes of The Swing Shift.