The PopCulteer
April 3, 2020

Friday afternoon The AIR debuts a special new talk show/podcast, plus a new and very optimistic episode of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. It all starts at 2 PM, and you can listen at The AIR website, or just hit the “play” button on this nifty virtual player…

At 2 PM you can hear what might be the only episode of The Rudy And Mel Shut-In Show. This is one hour of your PopCulteer and his wife talking–often in a not safe for work manner–about whatever pops into our heads.

This rambling conversation touches on politics and how we got in the quarantine situation we find ourselves in, but veers off into topics like how to cope with the quarantine, why they never discuss toilet paper on The Walking Dead, what’s hanging on the walls in our living room, what the future holds for movies and comics and much, much more.

We even talk about the movie Cats and other methods of self-harm.

Mel and I have been talking (some would say threatening) about  doing a show like this for some time, and we decided, just last night, to do a pilot episode to see if anybody cared. If you like the show, go to The AIR’s Facebook page and ask us to make more. Or ask us not make any more. It’s your call.

At 3 PM Friday, this show, and all of this week’s new programming on The AIR will be available at the Podcast tab on the left side of the screen at The AIR website.

Also at 3 PM on The AIR, we debut a special new episode of our weekly salute to New Wave Music, Sydney’s Big Electric Cat. It seeems that after Sydney Fileen put together a rather subversive episode of her show last time, where every song had something to do with virus, sickness, plagues or quarantines, this week she decided to be more optimistic.

In the latest episode of the Big Electric Cat, Sydney introduces a two-hour collage of New Wave performances from Live Aid, the massive benefit concert which took place in various locations across the globe thirty-five years ago this summer.

Listeners will hear The Thompson Twins, Duran Duran, Pretenders, Elvis Costello, Ultravox, Nik Kershaw, Sting, The Boomtown Rats, Paul Young, The Cars, Adam Ant, Simple Minds and more, all performing in either London or Philadelphia.

It’s a brief snapshot of humanity at its best, coming together to raise money and awareness for those in need.

For some reason, it’s comforting to remember Live Aid and its message of hope and decency these days.

That’s this week’s PopCulteer. Check back every day for all our regular features.