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The AIR is back this week with new episodes of Radio Free Charleston and Psychedelic Shack. We also bring you replays of two episodes of The Swing Shift that present the legendary Carnegie Hall concert by Benny Goodman, which took place January 16, 1938. That’s 82 years ago, this week.

To hear these fine specialty music programs, you may point your cursor over and tune in at the website, or you could just stay on this page, and  listen to this embedded radio player…

It all kicks off at 10 AM (with a replay at 10 PM– all times EDT) with the second episode in our brand-new direction for Radio Free Charleston.

Starting last week, RFC expanded to three hours, mixing local music in with all sorts of cool stuff, and started over as RFC Volume Five, Number One. This week we keep at it with 180 minutes of top-notch music, some of which just happens to be made by local artists.

Starting with this episode, we’re incorporating a feature from RFC International into the show.  At the end of the show we’ll have a “Mystery Bonus Track” or two that won’t be listed in the playlist. If you want a hint, this week’s tracks are a little ‘mystical.”

Here’s the mountain of a playlist for you to peruse:


hour one
The Offenders “Rose Thorn”
Farnsworth “For You”
Ozzy Osbourne with Elton John “Ordinary Man”
Dead For Decades “Punch A Face, Win A Heart”
Dweezil Zappa “Stayin’ Alive”
The Who “Sister Disco (demo)”
Bootblacks “Hold & Dissolve”
Tyler Pederson “Whack N’ Rolla”
Junco Shakers “Blue Blood Blues”
The Big Bad “Nobody Makes It Out of Here Alive”
Sweet “Funk It Up”
Grand Funk Railroad “Shinin’ On”
Fletcher’s Grove “Straight To The Moon”

hour two
The Revillos “Cool Jerk”
Time And Distance “Away We Go”
Frenchy and the Punk “La Vie De Boheme”
Peter Ivers “I’m Sorry, Alice”
Karen Allen “Moving On Isn’t So Hard”
Steve Walsh “A Little Bit of Tennessee”
The Audiots “Rewind”
The Stars Revolt” Pretend”
Ann Magnuson “I Met An Astronaut”
David Bowie “Space Oddity (demo #3)”
Heaven 17 “Rocketman”
Harry Nilsson “Spaceman”
Spencer Elliott “There’s Something In The Airlock”

hour three
YES “Starship Trooper (live)”
Mediogres “Nice To Mole You”
Joy Division “Heart and Soul”
ELO “New World Rising”
Sparks “I Bought The Mississippi River”
Madness “Blue Skinned Beast”
Kevin Scarbrough “White Paper Black Pen”
Bon Air “Bizarre Love Gun”
Feast of Steven “Battle With The Sun”
The Laser Beams “Eden by the Fire Escape”
The Breaks “She Wants You”

Radio Free Charleston can be heard Tuesday at 10 AM and 10 PM, with replays Thursday at 3 PM, Friday at 9 AM and 7 PM, Saturday at 11 AM and Midnight, Sunday at 1 PM and the next Monday at 8PM, exclusively on The AIR. We are looking into ways that we can makes these available on demand without running afoul of the copyright gods. The YouTube experiment turned out to be a bust, as nobody bothered watching the shows there. I’ll keep you posted on that project later.

At 2 PM Nigel Pye treats us to a new episode of Psychedelic Shack. Produced by Nigel through Haversham Recording Institute in London, this hour-long mixtape of psychedelica opens with vintage Pink Floyd and continues with…well, just check out the playlist…

Psychedelic Shack 028

Pink Floyd “Let There Be More Light”
Andy & Robyn “Planet England”
Julian Cope “Roswell”
World Trade “The Revolution Song”
Dukes of the Stratsphear “Mole From The Ministry”
Frupp “Song For A Thought”
Nektar “Burn Out My Eyes”
Strawberry Alarm Clock “Soft Skies, No Lies”
Rain “He Could Have Known”
Small Faces “Red Balloon”

Psychedelic Shack can be heard alternating weeks on Tuesday’s at 2 PM, with replays Wednesday at 11 AM, Thursday at 5 PM, Friday at Noon, Saturday at 9 AM, Sunday at 4 PM and Monday at 7 PM. Every other week you can tune in for the best of punk/ska with Steven Allen Adams on NOISE BRIGADE.

At 3 PM your PopCulteer takes a week off so we can bring you a two-part special episode of The Swing Shift. This week you can hear all of Benny Goodman’s historic 1938 concert at Carnegie Hall, a legendary venue which prior to this show had been reserved for classical music only. With a band that already included Harry James, Lionel Hampton, Teddy Wilson, Gene Krupa and more, for this performance Goodman invited a host the best Swing musicians around to sit in for extended jam sessions. You will hear legends like Count Basie and Lester Young jumping in on these recordings.

This performance happened on January 16, 1938. So we thought it’d be a good time to play it for you again, and give yours truly a little vocal rest.

You can hear The Swing Shift Tuesday at 3 PM, with replays Wednesday at 7 AM and 6 PM, Thursday at 7 PM and Saturday at 5 PM, only on The AIR. You can also hear all-night marathons, seven hours each, starting at Midnight Thursday and Sunday evenings.

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