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January 30, 2015

New programs on VOA

If you’ve been reading PopCult since last November, then you probably know that we’re very proud to have been part of the relaunch of New Appalachian Radio at Voices of Appalachia. The new streaming audio version of Radio Free Charleston has been a big hit with listeners of the station and it’s motivated me to dig deep into my archives for some audio gems, like this week’s show, which devoted an hour to The Music of Stark Raven.

There are other terrific shows on New Appalachian Radio as well, It’s cool to share the streaming airwaves with Amy Van Gogh, Eric Douglas’ Writer’s Block, The Working Class and recent additions like The Anthony Hoey Show, the Bill Gardner and Eric Douglas hosted Reboot It and starting Monday, Chris Higgins with O’er The Moor To Maggie, featuring the best in Appalachian music influenced by the region’s Scottish and Irish heritage. I hope my readers check out all the offerings at New Appalachian Radio.

It’s been a load of fun being part of Voices of Appalachia, and I hope that New Appalachian Radio grows and adds even more listeners in the coming months. I feel like we’re really creating something special here.

Starting this weekend, Radio Free Charleston will take over New Appalachian Radio at midnight Saturday for a six-hour block of the best regional and local music. This time slot holds a special place in my heart because it’s when the original RFC radio show was broadcast over the FM airwaves twenty-five years ago. The plan is to kick things off with a replay of the current episode, and then follow it with two additional streaming episodes of Radio Free Charleston. Just for the die-hard fans, we may slip some surprises in there along the way.

Of course, we’re still cranking out the Radio Free Charleston video show. The plan is to produce a brand-new full-length episode to debut here in PopCult on Monday. This coming Tuesday will see a new streaming show, which will present an hour of cool new local music, and an hour culled from the original Radio Free Charleston program. We have a lot of really cool themes planned for the second hour of our show on NAR in the coming weeks.

Public Defender

Your PopCulteer with the new Chief Public Defender of Kanawha County, back when I had hair and my head was twice the size of hers.

Your PopCulteer with the new Chief Public Defender of Kanawha County, back when I had hair and my head was twice the size of hers.

Because of our last names, a few folks have asked your PopCulteer if he is related to Diana Panucci, the new Chief Kanawha County Public Defender. The answer is yes. Diana is my younger sister and I am very proud of her. She takes over from George Castelle on Monday, so today is her last day as an underling. Monday she becomes an overling.

I consider her new position to be not unlike that of a superhero– defending the downtrodden, protecting the rights of those most in need– however, she tells me she won’t wear the cape I gave her. At least not in court.

Stuff To Do

There is a new original Dan Kehde production running at The WVSU Capitol Center Theater this week and next. It’s new Dan Kehde. That’s all you need to know. It’ll be incredibly well-done. Details below…


Free Music Friday

THAT HIGH COUNTRY REVIVAL will play a cover-free show tonight at Taylor Books, starting at 7:30 PM. Here’s their appearance on The RFC MINI SHOW back when they were called “Lovejoy and The Killjoys.”

Marshall Petty and The Groove bring their soulful jazz to 5 Corner’s Cafe on the West Side, starting at 5 PM. The legendary Carpenter Ants rock out at Bruno’s on Leon Sullivan Way starting at 9 PM. Travis Vandal takes the stage at Timothy’s beneath The Quarrier Diner, beginning at 9:30 PM. All these shows are FREE!

Other music around town Friday…






Free Music Saturday sees The Wegmann Brothers perform at Bluegrass Kitchen Saturday at 7 PM.

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Later Next Week



That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. Keep checking back. We’re here every day.