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New Wave Music Marathon on Labor Day!

Labor Day CatFans of Classic New Wave Music are in for a treat! On Labor Day, The AIR will present an eighteen-hour marathon of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, our showcase of the best music of the New Wave era that’s normally heard on Friday afternoon at 3 PM.

You can tune in to The AIR at the website, or right on this shiny and cool little radio player widget…

Presented by legendary London DJ, Sydney Fileen, The Big Electric Cat brings you the hits of the day, plus deep album cuts and rare B-sides by the titans of the New Wave era, like Ultravox, Duran Duran, The Cars, Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, Lene Lovich, Elvis Costello, Split Enz, DEVO, Romeo Void, Gary Numan, The Pretenders, Echo and The Bunnymen and more.

In addition to the artists you remember, lesser-know cult and regional bands find their way into the mix. This was one of the most exciting and eclectic eras of pop music, and you’ll find a healthy mix of power pop, ska, punk, electronica, pub rock and more.

The Labor Day marathon begins at 7 AM and runs past midnight, with a break at 1 PM to showcase the newest show on The AIR, Life Speaks. All day long you can tune in and relive the days when the future was bright and the clothes even brighter. Spend your day off plugged into the soundtrack of the “Me” decade, a time when imagination was rewarded and innovation admired.

Friday at 3 PM you can hear the latest edition of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat, which will kick off the marathon Monday Morning. Here’s what you can expect to hear:

Big Electric Cat 009 Playlist

Heaven 17  “We Don’t Need This Facist Groove Thing”
New Musik  “Sanctuary”
Pretenders  “Brass In Pocket”
Nick Lowe  ‘I Knew The Bride”
M  “Transmission”
Squeeze  “Slap and Tickle”
Trem  “My Robotic Friend”
Lene Lovich  “Writing On The Wall”
Simple Minds  “Up On The Catwalk”
Split Enz  “One Step Ahead”
Robert Palmer  “Johnny and Mary”
Play  “Chasing The Sun”
The Cars  “Let’s Go”
The Cure  “Love Cats”
The Plastics  “Top Secret Man”
Thomas Dolby  “She Blinded Me With Science”
Suicide  “Cheree”
The Police  “Next To You”
Talk Talk  “Strike Up The Band”
XTC  “Are You Receiving Me”
Blancmange  “Living On The Ceiling”
The Mighty Wah  “The Story Of The Blues”
Duran Duran  “Planet Earth”
The Romantics  “What I Like About You”
Visage  “Fade To Grey”
e  “Power Blackout”
Ohm and the Secret Sources  “All In My Mind”
Robert Fripp (with Terry Roche  JG Ballard)  “Exposure”
Rubber Rodeo  “House of Pain”
Red 7  “Big Boys Talk Tuff”
Background music this week is  “Spacelab” by Kraftwerk


  1. Robert Randall

    If you like My Robotic Friend by Trem you might be interested in the unreleased demo of it and the also unknown Over Thete” on My you tube playlist all the best
    Robert Randall

  2. Robert Randall

    Hi Trem playlist if you like?

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