Because my power is not expected to be restored until late tonight, I’m taking advantage of our hotel stay to schedule this post for you. If I have time to write a real post, you’ll never know this one existed. Which is good, because going back nine years, this is just an edition of The RFC Flashback. It’s a really good one, but it’s not our usualy Thursday fare here in the blog. (Note: My power was restored, but I have a ton of stuff to do around the house, so you’re still getting this post today)

I originally planned to re-post something about the Derecho that hit the area back in June, 2012, but when I checked…I never wrote anything about it. The only reference to it was a brief mention of two now-defunct bands playing a “Post Apocalyptic Storm” show at the Empty Glass. So you get this instead.

From 2007, it’s the nineteenth episode of our video show,  with the RFC debut of Ghosts of Now and archival video of Go Van Gogh.

The Mystery camera person who shot the original footage of Go Van Gogh turned out to be none other than Melissa Beezley (now Melissa Beezely Johnson) who has been a friend of RFC since the radio days.

This show is not 100% as it was when first posted, though. The original version included a commercial parody created by someone who later turned out to be, well, let’s just say “a criminal.” On top of that, it was very poorly done and not very funny. Newly-created animation takes its place, and is much, much better, despite being slapped together in less than ten minutes.

You can read the original production notes here.