Just a couple of months ago I told you about a Kickstarter campaign for a fun set of trading cards from artist, Robert Jiminez.  Earlier this week Startling Lineup landed in my mailbox, and you can now order this cool set of card directly from Jiminez at his webstore.

Startling Lineup is a 36 card baseball player parody set written and illustrated by Jiménez. A companion set of sorts to the Fearsome Weirdos sets, it features 24 bizarre ball players along with a collection of MVPs, Most Vile Products. Card backs feature conceptual sketches of the design on the front, and these are printed on old-school cards, not that fancy bright-white stuff that lacks the charm of vintage cards.

Included with each set is a wrapper card with checklist, a sticker and two different authentic, unfolded wax wrappers!

Nowhere else can you thrill to the ballpark exploits of Joe Formaggio, Veggie Jackson, Babe Tooth and other Wacky Hall of Famers.

Since it’s opening day for the unfortunately-named Charleston Dirty Birds, and Major League Baseball is back and early enough in the season that the Baltimore Orioles have yet to be mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs, I thought it’d be fun to show off this cool, fun card set and point you to Robert’s store, Zerostreet, where you can find Startling Lineup and several other cool card sets, apparel, wall decor, books and tons more cool stuff.  If you like clever parody art, Tiki art or cool fantasy illustration, this is the place to go.

And now a quick look at the set, without giving too much away.

Everything that comes in the tuck box. The base set, the MVP cards, two promos, a checklist and a sticker.

A couple of cool extra postcard prints and the unfolded old-school wax packs for the set.

I’m not going to post every card in the set, but here are two cool ones.

And here are two more.

We wrap up this photo essay with a look at one of the card backs, which feature Jiminez’s rough sketches for the character on the front of the card.