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OVADA, The Limbs, The Guitar Giveaway: RFC 73 Behind The Scenes

Radio Free Charleston’s 73rd episode, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force: The Movie Shirt” is online now. This episode, shot around downtown Charleston with street art in the background, features music from OVADA and The Limbs, plus a Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie, and The First Great Guitar Giveaway, in conjunction with Route 60 Music.

In the background of this show, you will see part of the “Coming And Going” art installation by Mark Wolfe, and “Celebrate,” by Amy Williams with Chris Dutch. Mark’s work features life-sized black-and-white photos of some of Charleston’s most notable people (and one schlub you can see at Taylor Books). “Celebrate” is an evolution of Amy’s “Press 2 For Spanish” street work from last year, expanded now to include Italian and Arabic. You’ll see those peeking over my shoulder and around my back in the host segments for this pre-FestivAll show.

The Great Guitar Giveaway starts June 22 at Route 60 Music has teamed up with Radio Free Charleston to give away a way-cool 1963 Reissue Danelectro Guitar with twin lipstick tube pickups. The contest will run until July 22. You’ll have to watch the show to get the top-secret super-convoluted code word that you’ll be able to enter at the Route 60 Music site starting next Monday. A random drawing will decide the winner, and we’ll announce it here on Radio Free Charleston. Thanks to Route 60 Music’s Paul Calicoat for making this happen.

Our first musical guest this week is OVADA. OVADA is a Vienna-based super-group consisting of Joseph Hellmouth, John Radcliff, Joe Rita and Cliff Boyd. On this episode of RFC you’ll get to hear two songs recorded at their very first show, May 28 at the Empty Glass. This is power-piano/guitar pop with Sub-genius-influenced lyrics.

First up is “Church Of Paranoia,” a driving tribute to a loud preacher with a metal plate in his head. Over the end credits we get to hear “Serene,” featuring some vocal gymnastics that not a lot of local singers are willing to attempt. You’re going to be hearing a lot more from this band.

Our second musical act is The Limbs, a one-man-band based out of Denver. He is an amazing force of nature, sitting behind the drum kit with his guitar and powerful voice. It sounds like a full band. From The Limbs, we get to hear “Razor Game,” (I think, I’m guessing at the song title as we go to press). This intense song deserved an intense video, so I cranked up the red, bleached out the other colors, and went high-contrast with off-kilter edits. I had a blast putting it together.

Also in this episode is the latest Mini Movie by The Plant Ro Duction Ephemeral Hypertensive Think Tank. “Handsome Man Talks To Beautiful Woman (?) On The Beach” is a filmed recreation of a rare stage collaboration between Samuel Beckett, Salvador Dali and Elzie Segar. It was filmed at The Plant Ro Duction compound in Pocohontas Country, where they built a beach just for this film shoot.

That’s this week’s production notes. Next week The First Great Guitar Giveaway continues as we bring you music from J. Marinelli and Slate Dump and gear up for our big Third Anniversary Show in two weeks. You gotta admit, we’re in the midst of a pretty awesome run of shows.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    I vote for this episode as the most recent episode ever! Until the next one.

    In the Plantro movie, I think they used rear-projection, because you can see the strings.

    Your “Drive ’til 75” PR stunt is a good one. I’m gonna drive ’til I’m 95 myself, and I hope to nod off and kill some young folks in a T-bone blaze of glory. How dare they exist with all that youth. Closed caskets for everyone!

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