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Patriotic Comics That Don’t Exist



Since today is the Fourth of July, and this year in particular, it’s really, really, really hard to muster any untainted patriotic feelings, we’re going to look to Captain America and Wonder Woman, two star-spangled superheroes, for inspiration.

Unfortunately, since Captain America is owned by Marvel/Disney and Wonder Woman is owned by DC/Warners, there aren’t many real comic books featuring both of them together. So instead, we’re swiping an image from the very clever Super Team Family blog, which features “The Greatest Team-Ups That Never Happened…But Should Have!” Every day this blog posts a cool mash-up cover featuring two or more comic book characters from different companies, teamed together. It’s loads of fun and any comic book geek worth his salt should be a regular visitor.  This image, with a bonus appearance from Lady Liberty is from May, 2016.

Happy Fourth, folks.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    This would be a cool crossover!

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