air-7-5-17It’s a Hump Day after a Tuesday holiday and that always creates a weird feeling, so since you already feel weird you might as well listen to The AIR. Thousands of people worldwide are tuning in and you can here why at the website, or on this nifty embedded radio machine doohickey…

To be honest, your PopCulteer and his wife sort of slacked off for the Independence Day holiday, so there are no new epsodes of Curtain Call or Beatles Blast today, but we do have great encore presentations of those programs for you.

We will have a new episode of Life Speaks To Michele Zirkle Marcum at 1:30 PM and 7 PM, but we can’t tell you what it’s about. As I write this, we are awaiting delivery of that episode from a monastery in South Carolina. The show will be online in time for you to hear it this afternoon.

We also have part two of Journey To The Center of the Earth at 5 PM on The AIR Audio Playhouse, and you can listen to part one this morning at 11 AM. Our evening schedule sees replays of Monday’s new episodes of Prognosis and Marking Out.

Tune in and see what may soon become a money-making endeavor, The AIR!

Wednesday, July 5 On The AIR

9:00 AM            The AIR Music Mix
11:00  AM          Journey To The Center Of The Earth part one
12:00 Noon       Curtain Call
1:00 PM            On The Road With Mel
1:30 PM            Life Speaks (NEW)
2:00 PM            Beatles Blast
3:00 PM            Curtain Call
5:00 PM            Journey To The Center Of The Earth part two (NEW)
6:00 PM            New Music Show (NEW)
6:30 PM            The Crazy Show
7:00 PM            Life Speaks (NEW)
7:30 PM            Word Association with Lee and Rudy (Lemmy)
8:00 PM            Prognosis (NEW)
10:00 PM          Marking Out (NEW)
11:00 PM           The Comedy Vault
12:00 Mid.        Radio Coolsville All Night Long