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Photo Essay: IWA East Coast “Acts Of Madness”

IWA East Coast presented “Acts Of Madness,” an evening of cultured professional wrestling, at The South Charleston Community Center last night. Today, PopCult takes a look at the action:

Above: Crowd favorite, The Necrobutcher, shows Viper the quick way out of the ring.

Below: Former WWE Superstar Joey Mercury pauses from telling the crowd how backwards West Virginia is to briefly extoll the virtues of Shaklee and the wonders of Multi-level Marketing.

Warpig, accompanied by Dr. Max Graves and Nurse Rind, heads to the ring.

The South Charleston Community Center was packed!

“Inside The Wrestler’s Studio With Kevin Pauley,” filling in for ring announcer Christian Harper.

Guido Andretti engages a fan in polite banter before his match.

Direct from L.A. (Lower Ashland) it’s The Juggulator.

Joey Mercury makes his way to the ring.

Mercury addresses the crowd.

TNA Superstar, Homicide.

Homicide does something unpleasant to Omega Aaron Draven.

Then he has a calm discussion with the referee.

The Necrobutcher makes his way to the ring.

Necro lands a punch square on the jaw of Viper.

This is not the recommended use for steel chairs.

A bloodied but victorious Necro speaks as an adoring fan looks on.

Insane Lane enters the ring for his Dog-Collar Match with..

…IWA East Coast’s Founding Father, Mad Man Pondo!

Referee Kris “Bad Kitty” Westfall gets to play jump rope with the dog collar chain to celebrate his birthday.

 Nothing good can come of this as the wrestlers brawl through the crowd.

Insane Lane scores a high-impact move, right before his upset victory.

It was another action-packed evening of Madness at the South Charleston Community Center.  IWA East Coast returns in June, with WWE Hardcore legend, Al Snow!


  1. jeff

    It Was a great sho, as only IWA EC can put on. Good Pix, And I enjoy your stories.

  2. Trent

    This was a weird show.

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