Day two of the Purple Moon photo essay focuses on cool toys, neat smaller items and some of the art that Purple Moon has available. See the first part of this photo essay here.

The Purple Moon has a wide variety of art, ranging from signed prints by Bauhaus masters to recent works by the late William Goebel. I’d show more of it, but flash photography does not work well with framed artwork.

Being a toy collector, my eye was immediately drawn to the nifty vintage robot (left) and the complete set of Marx Presidents, complete with box and book.

If you’re looking for vintage kitschy costume jewelry, The Purple Moon is the mother lode. I can see several gems from the 50s, 60s and 70s in the above photo, all of them dripping with retro charm.

This neat little Asian piece screamed out for a solo photo. There are great little accent pieces like this all over the store.

Tomorrow we wrap up our photo essay with a look at some more neat glassware and other cool items.