It’s been a while since we did this here in the blog, so let’s bring you a short photo essay on The PopCult Christmas Trees (and yes, that is plural, as you’ll see below).

To the right (or above, if you’ll reading this on your phone) you see the big tree, crammed full with cool pop culture ornaments. We’re going to zoom in for a few highlights, but Mrs. PopCulteer really outdid herself, and this only scratches the surface. My job was mainly getting the trees out of the attic and rounding up the decorations. Mel did all the hard work.

In the photos below you’ll see some of our ornaments based on things near and dear to our hearts, like Batman, The Beatles Yellow Submarine, GI Joe, Looney Tunes, The Walking Dead, Chicago, Pusheen and various other kittehs and robots and aliens.It may not be your traditional Christmas tree, but it’s definitely got our stamp on it. We like to pick up ornaments on our travels and then put them on the tree so we can remember how much fun we had together the previous year.

You can consider this our Christmas card to all of you, since we’re too lazy to send out real Christmas cards.

Because we had such a wealth of ornaments, we decided to pull one of the smaller trees out of the attic and set it up across the living room here at Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor. For this tree, because of it having weaker branches, it’s decorated entirely in lightweight ornaments, and tiny plush Pusheen figures. We’ll take a closer look at it at the end of our photo essay, but first, on to the big tree…

The (one true) Batmobile and GI Joe. Those gotta go on the tree.


The Chicago flag and Popeye, need to get those on there, too.


What’s Opera Doc and weird lightbulb cat. (made out of a bulb from the State Capitol chandelier, so Mel tells me)


I picked out this one.


Batman and Robin…and poop.

Pusheen and random kitteh. Mel lovs her some kittehs.

Lots of Yellow Submarine ornaments, and a stray Pusheen, for good measure.

Santa and The “L”


With a couple more Chicago ornaments (the Bean is a bit blurry), we’ll leave the big tree, and jump to the little one…


Meanwhile, across the room we find the smaller tree, covered in Pusheen.


These are the little plush Pusheen that you find in blind boxes. The one in the lower right with the tree cookie is this year’s “rare” one.

It’s sort of cool having a Pusheen tree. Maybe next year we can do an all-Batman tree.

Cute little buggers, ain’t they?


We’ll wrap this up with the angel Pusheen, near the top of the tree. Merry Christmas, everbody. We’ll have more holiday sutff in PopCult for the next several days.