The PopCulteer
April 27, 2012

Wherein your PopCulteer makes his stage debut…

That’s right. This Sunday yours truly trods the boards in the title role of the Alban Arts Center production of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting For Godot.” This role is so demanding that a different local performer will tackle it every night. It’s an honor to share “Godot” with such area theater veterans as Ryan Hardiman, Timothy Mace and Kennie Bass.

To be honest, it’s pretty daunting. Godot permeates every moment of the play, and his entrance is one of the most anticipated in the history of the theatre. I want to thank director, Tara Phares Pauley, for taking a chance on me, and I hope I do a good job. I also want to thank my supporting actors, Adam Bryan as Estragon and Kevin Pauley as Vladimir, for backing me up so well. The cast is rounded out by Chris Baker, John Halstead and Kyle Casto.

Allow me to go to the press release: “Come one, come all to the most absurd show on earth. Be mesmerized by two men who wait. You may laugh, you may cry, you may scratch your head and look at your neighbor. But by the end you will be busting to discuss this unique show.Perhaps you have heard the joke that “Waiting for Godot” is a show about nothing twice. And in a way it is true. But it’s the same way each of us live from day to day. We wake up, we go to work or school, we watch some tv or read a book. The next day we wake up, we go to work or school, we watch some tv or read a book. Maybe we wake with a headache and a bad mood, maybe we wake well rested but the steps of the day are the same. And we go through these days attempting to make connections with the people who are in or pass through our lives. Theater of the Absurd is meant to free you to see both the humor and tragedy in some of our very illogical human actions and interactions. This is more than a show. This is an experience. I encourage you to come out, you may never get a chance to see a show like this again.”

Performances are April 27,28, May 4,5, at 8M and April 29 and May 6 at 2 PM. Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for Students and Seniors. The Alban Arts and Conference Center is located at 65 Olde Main St, Saint Albans. Come see me. I’m ready for my big stage moment!

Following the April 28 performance, a two-hour discussion of the play will be held with the director, cast and crew sticking around to discuss, debate and argue about the play. Stimulating discussions and/or fistfights will ensue.

Godemode Broadway as seen on RFC 155

New Monthly All-Ages Series

The Wood Boys kick off a new Monthly Local Show Case at the Fraternal Order of Eagles, complete with promotion from Rock 105 WKLC. Tickets are $5 a ticket. Doors open at 5 PM. Food will be catered by Rocking Robins Burgers and Shakes (a new restaurant located in Clendenin with all their menu Items named after local bands.)

Saturday’s line up kicks off with three bands that you’ve seen on Radio Free Charleston, Born of Conviction, Godmode Broadway and Disturbing the Peace. Other bands include Deck of Fools, Everpulse, Surrender and possibly one more band, to be announced.

This show is open to all ages. The Fraternal Order of Eagles is located at 402 Virginia St W, Charleston. This is a great chance for music fans under 21 to get out and support the local scene.

KP's Ginger Workman works her zombie magic on your PopCulteer's betrothed, Melanie Larch.

Zombie Prom Pictures

April 21 saw the Zombie Prom at Kanawha Players Theater. A fundraiser for their production of “Evil Dead: The Musical,” later this year, KP brought a little of the HallowEast spirit to Springtime, and put on the livliest prom of the season.

Over 90 people put on their finest dead duds and came out to celebrate death and the hunger for flesh. There was punch and food, too. Aptly named “Walking Dead” zombie, Jeremy Ambler was on hand, as was RJ Haddy, a finalist on SyFy’s effects makeup competition, “Face Off.”

It was a great, if seasonally-displaced, night, and was just a taste of what the East End will have in store when HallowEast rolls around this fall. Let’s take a look at some of the evening’s fun, shall we?


Familiar to fans of HallowEast's Zombie Walk, The Cemetary Knights Hearses were on hand

Yep, Mel is one of the walking undead now. I'm sure we can make the mixed marriage work.

Pre Prom prep

Offical Zombie Prom photographer, Mike Winland, looking a little over-exposed on top

Dead Flower centerpiece

Zombie mingling

Professional Zombie, Jeremy Ambler

Zombie make up rock star, RJ Haddy

Your Master of Ceremonies, Vincent Renfield, and his date. You can catch The Renfields tonight at The Blue Parrot with Meet Me At The Matinee and Three Chord Me.

Man cannot live on brain alone

Dead Can Dance

No lie, later, these guys put on a breakdancing exhibition

Couples spotlight

RJ Haddy, making up is hard to do

Ted Rose...from the dead

Even in death, Melanie is shooting video, a zombie looks on

Still at the Zombie Prom. This is not a John Raese fundraising dinner

As the prom wound down, the undead shambled down to The Empty Glass for some ska/punk fun

That’s All Folks…

That’s it for this week’s PopCulteer. next week Radio Free Charleston returns, along with our other regular features.