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pod logoWhile we’re waiting for the latest Radio Free Charleston podcast to be uploaded, I thought I’d tell you about a new West Virginia-based podcast hosted by my friend and former Crowza message board sparring partner, Joshua Exline.

West By Pod sees Josh interviewing a wide variety of people to discuss all manner of topics. As he says in his intro, “Geek Culture, Craft Beer, Music, Movies…nothing is off limits. And, while the shows will have a definite bent towards your hosts beloved home state of West Virginia, it will be open enough that it should appeal to just about anybody.”

True to form, his first guest is Robert Breedlove, the mogul of Toy Hutt, and also the first guest on Mark Wolfe’s podcast, The Real.  To his credit, Josh acknowledges Mark’s podcast and covers hardly any of the same topics that Mark did when he interviewed Robert.

It’s a great interview, and it runs just over an hour. You can listen to it  HERE, but make sure you visit the West By Pod site for notes and other cool stuff like sample shows. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this podcast.

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