Image1Radio Free Charleston’s 210th episode, “Idaho Spud Shirt,” is a fun August treat, with a blend of different types of music and lots of our trademark mind-hurting weirdness. This week we have music from Time And Distance, Christopher Vincent from Qiet, American Murder and Chemical Lizards, plus we have animation and other stuff.

Image2We open the show with Paul Calicoat and the crew from Route 60 Music performing a little jingle they wrote about their music shop, located in Barboursville. I would imagine that if area musicians shot video of themselves singing this jingle, and posting to the Route 60 Music Facebook page, it’d put a big smile on Paul’s face.

Image4Our first musical guest is actually a music video that I slapped together for Time And Distance. One of Charleston’s top bands, Time and Distance is always out on the road, but we caught up with them at the Empty Glass just last week and shot some footage that I set to one of their studio tracks to create an artsy-fartsy video for their song, “Hell To Pay.”

What happened was, the guys at The Empty Glass decided not to record board audio that night, so we were left with great footage, but audio that was a little lacking. Using the ancient art of Chi Ting, I grabbed the studio track for one of the songs, slathered video effects over it to cover up most of the places where it didn’t sync up cleanly, and came up with a video that is more than good enough for gubmint work.

Image5Our animation this week is by Frank Panucci. The cartoon, “Ternsdecency” is mighty important. You should watch it a bunch.

Image6Christopher Vincent is an amazing singer and songwriter, and you may know him as the mastermind behind the band Qiet. We managed to catch part of his solo set last week when he hosted Third Eye Cabaret, at the Fireside Bar and Lounge. This week we bring you Christopher Vincent with “Just Like A Man,” a song that he debuted on Voices of Appalachia.

The short film, “Car Beat” shouldn’t surprise anyone. One thing we pride ourselves on here at RFC is our ongoing campaign to bring you random footage of cars, edited to electronic music.

Image7American Murder is a band out of the Carolinas that we hope to see here in the Mountain State soon. They have new music coming our way later this year, but to mark their tenth year of rocking hard, they put together this music video for their song, “Ride.” We jumped at the chance to include American Murder in this week’s Radio Free Charleston.

Image8Playing us out we have Chemical Lizards, who hail from Fayetteville, NC, but whose lead singer was born and raised in Cedar Grove. The band played the Empty Glass last month and the show turned into a raucous impromtu reunion. A grad time was has be all.

Our host segments were recorded at The University of Charleston on a lovely but hot Sunday afternoon. Our titular shirt comes from the makers of The Idaho Spud candy bar, and the convoluted tale of how I got it involves other blogs, podcasts, local celebrities and a movie theater in Los Angeles in 1970. I’ll explain that all to you in this Friday’s PopCulteer