1346612117_0RFCv3 #35

Opening Track:
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies  “That’s Life”

Our first song this week is The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, with their take on Frank Sinatra’s classic, “That’s Life,” from Return The Evening, their most recent album, a tribute to The Rat Pack.  While CPD is known as Northwestern band, their lead singer, Steve Perry (not the dude from Journey) was raised in Appalachin, New York, which is well within the Appalachian Region. That means that we can get away with playing this great band that made their name as a Swing Revival outfit, but really run the gamut from Ska to R&B to country. You’ll get a taste of their country side later in the show.

NAR log 003Our theme hour is Bongwater, featuring Charleston’s own Ann Magnuson. That comes up in our second hour.

For the time being, Radio Free Charleston V3 is operating as a podcast, hosted at Voices of Appalachia.  We hope to get the streaming service back online soon.

You can listen to the show in this widget HERE, or look us up over in the VOA archives.

Before the Bongwater tolls, we bring you an hour of great local and regional music!

Here’s the rest of our first-hour playlist:

Superfetch  “28 Punks”
The Company Stores  “Street Corner Blues”
Linnfinity  “Holy Rain”
DEVO  “Satisfaction”

At this point in the show, inspired by our swingin’ opening track, we listen to some classic Big Band-era artists, all of them with roots in the Appalachian Region.

Dean Martin  “Sway”
Billy Eckstine  “Blue Moon”
Perry Como  “Papa Loves Mambo”
Ray Anthony and his Orchestra  “Peter Gunn”

Next up we bring you a set of relationship songs.

Highway Jones  “Another Man”
Hitchcock Circus  “Jealousy Pill”
Underdog Blues Review  “Come Back Baby”
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies  “You Wiped Your Ass With My Heart”

It’s back to what passes for normal as we fill out our first hour…

Foz Rotten  “Ordinary Guy”
The Science Fair Explosion  “Kornchipz”
Time And Distance  “That Girl”
Bobaflex “Mama (Don’t Take My Drugs Away)”

Second hour theme: Bongwater



Bongwater was a psych rock band formed in 1985 and dissolved in 1992. The group was founded by Charleston’s own Ann Magnuson with Mark Kramer (who was also the founder of the Shimmy Disc record label), who had worked together previously in Pulsallama. The group also featured drummer David Licht and guitarists Dave Rick and later Randolph A. Hudson III. Guests included Fred Frith, Peter Stampfel and Fred Schneider.

For our theme hour we’re going to jump, willy-nilly around their catalog in no particular order.


“Ye Olde Bastards”
“Talent Is A Vampire”
“Great Radio”
“Kisses Sweeter Than Wine”

“David Bowie Wants Ideas”
“So Help Me God”

“The Big Sell-Out”
“Everybody’s Talking”
“Too Much Sleep”
“One So Black”

“Mystery Hole”