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January 23, 2015

The PopCulteer that I’d intended to post today is going to be delayed a week so that I can make it way more entertaining. Instead, this week we’ll use this space to catch up on PopCult and Radio Free Charleston stuff.

As my regular readers already know, about three months ago I started producing Radio Free Charleston as a weekly two-hour streaming radio program for New Appalachian Radio. This is in addition to the Radio Free Charleston video show and The RFC MINI SHOW, which fills in during weeks when we don’t have a full-length video episode for you.

NAR log 014Filling up two hours a week of radio airtime requires a lot of music, and while my archives of local and regional musical artists vast, there is always room for more new music. Because Radio Free Charleston Volume Three (that’s the official name of the audio version of the show) is archived at The Voices of Appalachia site, I try to minimize the number of times that I play a song from week to week, so that we don’t have a lot of repeats.

If you are a local musician who would like to have your new music played on Radio Free Charleston at New Appalachian Radio, you can drop me a line at and we’ll work out a way for me to get my grubby little hands on your music. Likewise, if you’re sitting on a stash of archival music from days gone by and you’d like to share it with the world, just shoot me an email and we’ll make it happen.

That is also the email address to use if you want to contact me about being on Radio Free Charleston as a video guest. We are gearing up to start recording more video so that we can bring you more full-length episodes of Radio Free Charleston this year.

I don’t recall mentioning it here before, but with The RFC MINI SHOW our goal is to not repeat any musical guests. We feature approximately ten minutes of music by a single band or peformer, without and of the cartoons, bells, whistles or mind-hurting-weirdness that we have on the full-length RFC.  We might have a musican on as a solo performer, and then later as part of a band, but we are trying to make sure that we showcase as many different artists as possible. We really need to get out and record more new bands. We’re already up to forty seven episodes of the MINI SHOW. So if you’d like to be on the show, contact us.

Just remember the Radio Free Charleston motto: There is no money involved.

PopCult Notes

Regular readers may have noticed a recent shift in our normal features here at PopCult. The PopCult Toybox is now running twice a week, on Wednesday and Saturday, instead of just once on Tuesday. The reasons for this were two-fold. First, I’m making a trip to Toy Fair in New York next month, and I’ll be returning with tons and tons of news about upcoming toys. That’s why we expanded the Toybox to twice a week.

The second reason was that Tuesday was getting too crowded since that’s the day we post the playlist for the aforementioned Radio Free Charleston streaming radio show.

Everything else is staying the same for now. Monday will feature art and production notes for the RFC video show, Thursday will host The PopCult Bookshelf. The PopCulteer is your Friday entry. Saturday will see The RFC Flashback and The PopCult Toybox. Finally, Sunday brings you Sunday Evening Videos.

What’s Coming Up

In the coming weeks PopCult readers can expect more toy and comic book reviews and news, plus all the RFC stuff that takes up about half the blog these days. We also have upcoming posts that include our long-delayed “Look Back at 2015,” special photo essays, news of a cool anniversary-themed limited edition action figure, and all the news we can cram in from our upcoming trips to New York and Atlanta.

Thanks for reading PopCult and thanks for putting up for a last-minute replacement for the PopCulteer that was to be posted today.

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