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PopCult at Toy Fair: Carrot Saves Easter

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61wHBu3P-hLIn this video, the creator of a delightful new Children’s book/plush toy combo tells PopCult all about her new creation. Amanda Macielinski, who created the character with her co-author, Maria Fey and artist, Jamie Murray, expains the origin and story of Carrot Saves Easter, which could well become a new Easter tradition. It’s the story of a very special bunny helper, Carrot, and his quest to help the Easter Bunny restore the magic of the candy factory that makes the sweets for all the good boys and girls every year!

When the factory is running slow, The Good Deed Meter is low! The Easter Bunny grows sad and worried, but Carrot sets out on an adventure to spread good deeds and save Easter! Follow Carrot on his journey and celebrate with your own Bunny Helper to record all your child’s good deeds to fill the Good Deed Meter before Easter!

With Easter right around the corner, you might want to visit Carrot Saves Easter‘s website, or snag the toy and book from Amazon, to make sure you have it in time to hop on down the bunny trail for Easter.

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  1. Amanda

    Awesome! Thanks Rudy! You are the best!
    Best Regards, Amanda Macielinski

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