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PopCult at Toy Fair: Lionel Mega Tracks

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Img_6730As your PopCulteer was running on fumes and fading fast on the last day of Toy Fair, he stumbled into the Lionel Trains display and was rewarded with a sneak peak at one of the coolest toys he’s seen in years. Lionel’s Mega Tracks will allow kids (and adults) to build a three dimensional raceway that carries a speedy little car along at an alarming rate.

The beauty of the track system is that it can be attached to tables and furniture and is almost infinitely changeable. The cars hug the track and zip along but can fly off the track if you don’t control your speed.

Lionel Trains are already one of the coolest toys on the market, but we were not able to take our eyes off of the incredible Mega Tracks set. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until August to get our hands on this nifty new toy. The starter set will retail for just under $100 and will include twenty feet of track, a vehicle, and a whole bunch of pieces you can use to construct your course. Read more about it at the Lionel website.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    VERY cool!

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