The PopCult Toybox

Img_5970Mattel is reviving the TYCO brand name with a really cool remote control vehicle that moves like nothing you’ve ever seen.

Terra Climber is the first remote control vehicle that can actually climb stairs. We shot this video in the Mattel showroom and it is a remarkable demonstration. Terra Climber will be in stores this fall.

In addition to being just a cool all around remote control toy, Terra Climber is useful for people who live in split level homes that want to herd cats. Pet owners can even try to balance bowls of food on Terra Climber so that they can deliver a meal to their loving pet.

There’s no way in hell that the food won’t spill all over your house, but you have to admit it’ll make for a funny video. We don’t know how durable Terra Climber will be if it is used to taunt a large dog.

Taunting a large dog in general is a bad idea under any circumstances. We only mention this because we have a really tall photo and needed to write enough copy to fill up the space next to it.