Today we kick off the 2010 PopCult gift guide.  This year we’re going to bring you twenty days of holiday gift suggestions, incorporating our regular featrues.  Sunday will see recommended videos, while Monday will be Art and Wednesday will be comics.  Our first gift idea is the brand-new CD by Asheville North Carolina’s Hellblinki (also known as The Hellblinki Sextet), “These Bubbles Come From Ants.”

This is the band’s fourth release, and it captures their unique gothic cabaret sound in a studio setting.  Andrew, Valerie, Jon Paul and Brad are in primo form on this collection of ten of Hellblinki’s infectous, yet indescribable music.  You’ll hear bass drum and guitar, plus accordian, toy piano, key-tar, and a variety of other offbeat instruments.

You’ll also get to hear two songs that we featured on Radio Free Charleston, “Sanjula’s Junk,” which was part of our big 100th episode, and “Don’t Go Down To The Woods,” which you can see right here.

This is a mail-order item.  You can visit the Hellblinki store and purchase a download, CD or Vinyl edition of the album. Hard copies come with a free download, so you can give the CD or LP as a gift and keep the download for yourself.

One other cool track on the album is “Row.” This is a ten-minute version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” constructed by Hellblinki out of hundreds of fan-recorded versions that were submitted via email.  You might even hear RFC’s resident diva, Melanie Larch, in the mix.  You also hear Hurricane’s Rodney Crihfield, who is an occasional member of the band.  “These Bubbles Come From Ants” will run you between ten and twenty dollars, depending on the format you choose, with additional shipping charges for the CD and LP.

Tomorrow the PopCult Gift Guide brings you a very good book about some very bad comic books.