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PopCult Turns Three!

On this date three years ago, PopCult began with a rather silly post which you can read here.  Yesterday I was alerted to the fact that today marks three years that I’ve been bringing you notes and news from the fringes of Pop Culture.  I think that might make PopCult the longest-running single-author Gazzblog.  After last week’s 50th episode of Radio Free Charleston, I’m afraid I’m all milestoned out.  I even reused the cake photo from my first anniversary post even though there’s a much cooler-looking cake here.

So I’ll just thank you for reading and remind you to check back for our regular features–Sunday Evening Videos, Monday Morning Art, and production notes for Radio Free Charleston, along with news on Comic books, animation, toys, wrestling and whatever else strikes my fancy.

Later today I’ll be back with a detailed stats about the first 50 episodes of the PopCult webcast version of Radio Free Charleston.

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  1. Brooke A. Brown

    Happy Anniversary!

    You know, Rudy… Three is a magic number!

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