Don’t panic, I’m talking about The AIR, PopCult’s sister internet station. The nice Eastern European folks whose servers host our little radio station are upgrading their software this week, and as such, there many be the occasional outage, or “dead air.”

Because of this, we have decided not to program any first-run episodes of our shows, because we don’t want to frustrate or annoy our listeners by getting them all enthralled and intentedly anticipating the new shows, only to have them fritz out. If you want to risk that with our encore shows, you can still tune in at The AIR website, or on this embedded radio player…

Lucky for you, we have the best reruns in the world, and that includes episode 117 of Radio Free Charleston, which debuted the first new music by The Bounty in over twenty-five years. You can find the production notes and playlist for that show HERE, and you can listen to it on demand HERE. The Bounty’s new album is available now on iTunes and other streaming services.

There rest of our specialty music programming this week will dust off some of our better shows to make the reruns more palatable. Tuesday at 3 PM, The Swing Shift will re-present our 50th episode special, plus our tribute to Brian Setzer. Tomorrow, Curtain Call will rebroadcast it’s 50th, Mel Larch’s “I Sung That” show.

While the fine folks at our host service are ironing out the bugs in the new software, we’ll be working on loading up the schedule with new shows for next week.