Updated Caveat: You really shouldn’t go out to bars or anything right now. Many of the events listed below have been canceled or postponed. Next week and for the foreseeable future this column will be replaced with “Stuff To Watch” as we suggest everyone minimize public gatherings to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Due to the violence of the calendar this year, Saint Patrick’s Day, which is the biggest drunken party holiday of the year in states this far North of Lousiana, falls on a Tuesday, which is not an evening conducive to imbibing to excess. So everybody is getting their Irish out this weekend, and there are a ridiculous number of things you can get into this weekend. Our selection this time is very music-heavy, so if that isn’t your scene, look around for other stuff.

Here are the lucky pre-St. Patty’s Day events for which I could slap together graphics, alongside some from those blessed people who create ready-made graphics to promote their events…