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Production Notes for Episode 15 of RFC

Episode 15 of Radio Free Charleston, “Black and White,” is online now! This episode features an epic-length Pentagram Flowerbox, plus music from The Appalachian Celtic Consort and The Heydays. Both our musical guests return with original compositions after performing traditional songs on their first RFC appearance. This episode has a nice acoustic feel, except for the satanic rituals, explosions and drug use. Both performances were recorded at LiveMix Studio. I host the show from Downtown Charleston.

“Timmy’s Problem” is a very special episode of Pentagram Flowerbox. We gave you a teaser in episode 14 of RFC, but now you get the full story! Little Timmy has started sneaking into Satan’s camper to smoke drugs! This is causing all sorts of headaches for the Lord of Darkness, who really doesn’t want to attract the attention of the police. If you want sneak peeks of what’s coming from Pentagram Flowerbox and want to see their material before we get our hands on it, tough.

The Appalachian Celtic Consort appeared on episode five of Radio Free Charleston when they performed “Johnny Jump Up and Monaghan Jig. They came into the studio last summer and recorded a few songs for us. We feared that we had lost their additional performances in a catastrophic hard-drive crash in September, but months of effort allowed us to recover their performance of “Dear Lady,” which tells the tale of a vampire. In the crash, we lost two of the four camera angles, but we persevered with two cameras and some extra video FX love, creating what we hope looks like a living painting of this talented band of musicians. Be sure to check out the ACC website for more information on how to buy their CDs and a list of their upcoming shows.

The Heydays were on episode ten of Radio Free Charleston when Douglas Imbrogno and Paul Calicoat treated us to a rendition of “Shady Grove.” This time around they bring us Doug’s original song “I Never Slept With Allen Ginsberg.” The video for this song is an experimental clip that layers on video effects in an attempt to emulate animation. Astute readers will note that Douglas Imbrogno is also the editor of

Check it out now, and keep reading and PopCult for more information on Radio Free Charleston.  Episode sixteen wil go live in two weeks!


  1. Charleston Charlie

    Another stellar show.

    Let’s ALL pray for Timmy.

  2. Mountain Woman Phd.

    Another wonderful show. The Appalachian Celtic Consort is sublime. “Dear Lady” was just a pure delight.

    The Heydays were also marvelous, but you spelled “Allen Ginsberg” as “Alan.” I don’t think he would have minded.

    I really enjoyed the look of both songs. It’s very artistic.

    The cartoons were really funny, too. Who would have thought the devil could be such a great cartoon character?

    Please, keep up the good work. It’s nice to have such a strong showcase for our native talent to shine.

  3. Longtime Listener

    ha ha, you spelled “Allen” wrong!

    Great show, though. It’s always good to hear ye Gazz Editor. The Celtic dudes gave you a song that was more goth and the goth song you had last time.

    Pentagram Flowerbox is growing by leaps and bounds. “I Hate Cops” is my new catch phrase.

    Maybe one of these days you’ll wind up with the cover of the Gazz. We need to get the drumbeat going for this show before it shrivels up and dies like everyhing else good in this town.

  4. Roy

    Thats alot of work and where do you get the time to do it? looks good. I like the Bill Gazzari wardrobe


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