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Production Notes: Radio Free Charleston

The first Radio Free Charleston of 2007 is online now.  In this episode we have great music from Martyranny’s Collective Pulse and The Concept, plus animation and a puppet show from me brudder, Frank.   We shot the host segments in downtown Charleston on a cold, dreary morning…..and it shows!

Martyranny’s Collective Pulse are a familiar sight to anyone who’s spent time in downtown Charleston over the past year.  They’re the buskers who can be seen and heard on Capitol Street, usually in front of the library.  If you’ve taken the time to listen, you know that they create a beautiful, ethereal sound.  It seems like music from another age.   We brought them into LiveMix Studio and recorded four tunes, two of which you hear in this episode of RFC.  The other two are going to have more ambitious video treatments, and will be on future shows.   MCP is a true creative force, and we hope to have more music and film from them in the future.

The Concept were the big hit of episode seven of RFC.   This time around they get the “music video” treatment.   “Guitar Pick In My Kool-Aid’ is a killer song, and when The Concept came into LiveMix, they recorded it, but technical glitches made the audio unusable.  Rather than discard the video, I synced it up to the demo of the song that The Concept had up on their Myspace page.  It didn’t match up perfectly, but I had an idea for how to cover the parts where it didn’t.  The video takes place inside a jug of Kool-Aid, with a guitar pick floating around.   Not only is it a fun feature of the video, but it also covers up some of my sloppy post-production lip-sync.

And we can’t ignore the co-star of the video, the D’Addario Light Medium .027 Guitar Pick.  I had hoped to bring you an interview with the Guitar Pick, but success seems to have gone to his head, and his agent isn’t returning my calls.

This episode also features animation and a puppet show by Frank Panucci.   Frank also creates most of the interstitials that you see on the show.  The animated short is a CGI sequel to “Ribbon Driving” from our second show.  The puppet show is quite possibly the darkest humor piece we’ve run on RFC.

We shot the host segments last Sunday morning around the downtown area.  Now, I will let you in on a secret:  I hate it when people use “bloopers” to fill up time on a TV show.  I find it unprofessional and usually not entertaining for anyone who wasn’t there.   Having said that, the outtakes for this episode of RFC are hysterical.  I discovered that Capitol Street, in front of the library, is the LOUDEST PLACE ON EARTH!  You won’t get to see these bloopers, because we’d have to bleep the heck out of them.  It’s amazing how oblivious to cameras people have become.  Nothing makes for better TV than having somebody standing ten feet away decide to start a conversation with his buddy, who’s driving a car one block over.  Still, we plan to go back to the downtown area to shoot future shows.  We’ll just pick a quieter time than Sunday Morning.

That’s the story behind the show. Go watch and enjoy it, and if you are so inclined, go to the RFC store and buy some merchandise.  You still have time to be the first!  And you can check out our “Arrogant” shirt, here.  Also, we now have a MySpace page.  Sign up for bulletins and contact information, if you are in a local band and would like to be on Radio Free Charleston.  We are looking for area bands to be on future shows.


  1. Longtime Listener

    You guys keep hittin’ them out of the park. Great show, again. It’s nice hearing MCP without cars going by and idiots squauking on their cell phones drowning out the music. That concept video is incredible! The puppet show had me almost wetting myself. Sick, sick, wonderful stuff.

    What is “World Without Fear”, and why does that sound familiar? And why didn’t you explain that in the production notes? You slackin’ off, Rudy?

  2. Mountain Woman Phd.

    I absolutely love Martyranny’s Collective Pulse! I can’t wait until the weather gets nice enough so they can play in front of the Library again.

    The Concept video was so cute. Really nice work.

    The puppet show made me feel so guilty for laughing.

    I think it might be fun to see bloopers from Radio Free Charleston sometime. Don’t be such a perfectionist.

    This show is a jewel of the Capitol City.

  3. Rudy Panucci

    I forgot to mention that this episode is titled “World Without Fear Shirt”. World Without Fear was a band from Shepardstown that played several shows at the Charleston Playhouse in 1989 and 90. I played their music on the old radio version of RFC and I also bought a couple of their T Shirts, which are quite sturdy and have held up very well over the last 17 years.

    And if anybody knows the current whereabouts of any of those guys, let me know. I’d like to hear what they’re up to.

  4. Matt Salazar

    Cool show. The Puppet Show was freaking brilliant! We need more suicidal handpuppets in the world, although by definition, they wouldn’t be around long.

    I’ve seen MCP around town. Nice to hear them without traffic noise in the background. They sound like they were born to make movie soundtrack music. Good stuff.

    Guitar Pick In My Kool Aid is one of the best music videos to ever come out of this town. I’m going to have that song stuck in my head for days.

    RFC is kicking ass. Now you just have to start making them weekly.

  5. Fred Martin

    Woo Hoo!!!!! The best show in the internet is back! Loved the music and the sick humor. Like the other guy said, how about making them every week?

    Nothin’s better than watching cool teevee at work!

  6. Elvis Capone

    This episode is really “beansidential”, if you know what I mean.

  7. Murdok Hyde

    Greetings there Rudy! The show is a blast! Your always adding a creative touch to everything you do. Good luck in the future.. And I know that somebody will snatch you up and get you on some PRIME TIME!

  8. Lilly

    I live in Shepherdstown and happen to be friends with the singer from World Without Fear. Unfortunately the band members went in different directions so World Without Fear no longer exists. Scooter Scuderi was the lead singer/guitarist and is still living in Shepherdstown. He went solo and toured with Jewel not too long ago. I’m not sure what happened to the other guys.

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