Last night, at the DVD launch party for the AWA Apex “September To Dismember” event, Danny Boyd, also known as “Professor Danger” ended his in-ring career in a surprise announcement.   Boyd and his partner, Death Falcon Zero, captured the AWA Apex tag team titles at the September show at WVSU, and the drama in the ring was matched by the drama behind the scenes.  Boyd and Death Falcon Zero were stripped of their belts by the AWA Apex commissioner. 

 AWA’s national head honcho, Dale Gagne, offered Boyd and his partner a shot at the AWA National tag team titles, currently held by Steve Corino and Ricky Landell, but Boyd has decided to decline the offer and retire.   He will continue to manage Death Falcon Zero, but as he put it last night, he experienced an epiphany while on the receiving end of a beat-down following his win in September, and has been cured of the craziness that led him on a journey, “fueled by hate” in his words, into the world of professional wrestling.

 The surprise announcement capped off a star-studded evening at the Athletic Club at the Embassy Suites in Charleston (a classy joint if ever there was one).  AWA stars in attendance included Boyd and Death Falcon Zero, as well as Scufflin’ Hillbilly, the team of Glorious And Young, The Cuban Assassin, Flex,  and others.   Danny’s first partner, Raw Talent was on hand, and IWA East Coast Mega-Stars Crowza and Woody Numbers were on hand to show their support.  It was an electric evening as fans who came to watch the WVU basketball game got hooked on the wrestling, which was being shown on one of the big screens, and stuck around to the end to see what happened next. 

 The DVD itself is spectacular.  Directer/editor Amy Trent did an amazing job.  The production values on this record of the “September To Dismember” show are on par with anything produced by WWE.  It’s also clear that this event was the best show with “Dismember” in its name produced in the country this year, by far.  Check PopCult next week for information on how you can order your own copy of this memorable closing chapter in the saga of Danny Boyd, professional wrestler.