Herman Linte bids farewell to Thursdays with a new episode of our Progressive Rock showcase, Prognosis Thursday at 3 PM on  The AIR. You can listen at the website, or on this embedded radio player…

Our Thursday morning  line up sees this week’s Psychedelic Shack replayed at 9 AM, followed by a replay of the previous week’s edition of Sydney’s Big Electric Cat at 10 AM and Radio Free Charleston International at Noon. Then at 2 PM we replay this week’s new Radio Free Charleston, before kicking into a brand-new Prognosis at 3 PM. Starting next week, Prognosis moves back to Monday at 3 PM, as we shake up our schedule again when The AIR hits it’s third anniversary as “The AIR.” Our trip down the internet radio rabbit hole actually began with a different station name back in November, 2014, but that’s a story for next week.

This week Herman Linte presents two hours of great progressive rock on Prognosis at 3 PM, with a new show featuring a small number of very long songs from the likes of Ad Infinitum, Big Big Train, Martin Barre, Neal Morse, Camel and more. The show opens with a new song by Jon Anderson, which features guitar work by Steve Howe, marking the first time these two YES stalwarts have collaborated on new music in over eighteen years. Then at 5 PM, for one last time on Thursday, we follow that with a classic episode of Prognosis, giving you four solid hours of challenging and progressive music.

This week’s episode sports this well-crafted playlist:

Prognosis 046

John Anderson “Now and Again”
Ad Infinitum “Waterline”
Neal Morse “Jesus’ Temptation”
Big Big Train “Roman Stone”
Camel “Nimrodel/The Procsession/The White Rider”
Gil Steinbacher Project “Free As The Wind (Raindance)
King Crimson “FraKctured”
Utopia “Another Life (live)”
Cosmograf “A Million Choices”
The Dave Foster Band “Ghosts”
Martin Barre “Thick As A Brick (excerpt)”
Yes “Soon”

Starting next week Prognosis can be heard every Monday at 3 PM, with replays Tuesday at 7 AM and 8 PM, Wednesday at 10 PM, Thursday at 1 PM and Saturday at 10 AM, exclusively on The AIR. Also tune in Mondays at 11 PM for a weekly eight-hour marathon of the best of Prognosis. Keep your fingers crossed, because the plan is to have a brand-new episode of Prognosis next Monday, but if that becomes impossible, we’ll run this one in that spot. It never hurts to have a back-up plan.

Our Thursday evenings continues to let our listeners play catch-up with the week’s new episodes of The Swing Shift, Curtain Call, Beatles Blast and Psychedelic Shack, beginning at 7 PM. At 11 PM we bring you an hour of comedy, then we kick into the all-night marathon of The Swing Shift. That may all change next week. Check back to see.