The PopCult Toybox: Toy Fair 2015 Report

Pusheen display from GUND 2-17-2015Last week your PopCulteer made the trek to New York City to cover The 2015 International Toy Fair, and in the coming days and weeks you can expect many special editions of The PopCult Toybox to cover all the cool things he saw.

One of the coolest booths at Toy Fair turned out to be GUND, the makers of quality plush creations. Later this week we’re going to tell you all about Grumpy Cat and their DC Comics bears, but today we’re bringing you the plush debut of the internet sensastion, Pusheen.

GUND announces a new collection that brings feline internet sensation Pusheen to life in soft, huggable plush. Pusheen — a chubby gray tabby cat known for her love of cuddles, snacks, and dress-up —originated as an animated web comic and her adorable on screen “bop” has since become a social media phenomenon. One of the original seven Facebook sticker sets, Pusheen now brings brightness and chuckles to millions of followers in her rapidly growing online fan base.

Pusheen with treats 2-16-2015By combining over a hundred years of plush expertise with Pusheen’s quirky and imaginative designs, GUND looks forward to helping the Pusheen brand take the next step from beloved internet property to a must-have household name. We saw these plush versions of Pusheen in person, and they are impressive, especially the giant-sized (nearly sofa-sized) Pusheen furniture plush.

Giant Pusheen 2-17-2015

“Some of our most successful new licenses have originated from internet properties,” said GUND Director of Licensing Kim Ritch. “Apart from being generally adorable, Pusheen fits right in with our customer’s desire to bring home a huggable version of their favorite online characters.”

Pusheen plush toys in a classic sideways pose (perfectly sized cuddle companions at 12” medium and 6” small sizes) feature accurate details like whiskers, stripes, and a floppy tail. Other plush toys include backpack clips, home decor, and fun plush designs based on popular web comics, such as Pusheenicorn!

Unicorn Pusheen 2-16-2015

The full line of Pusheen products also includes soft accessories like coin purses, pencil cases, and wristlets. A collection of Pusheen themed hard goods — drink ware, stationary, and stickers — is also available.(Photos and additional reporting: Melanie Larch)

Pusheen new from GUND 2-17-2015